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January 05, 2006


Is that his crucified Redeemer? Or is that God the Creator who created the whole world? Because in the first case, Robertson's God is dead, and in the second, He created the whole world so it's *all* His, not just a little blighted patch of land in the Middle East. Mr Robertson, I need your wisdom! Televangelise me! Tell me what land belongs to God and what land belongs to... um... Lucifer? Who does not-God's land belong to?

Pat Roberston would be a bizarrely funny crackpot if he, through his followers, did not wield as much power as he does.

Sharon is over 80 years old. The end has to come some time. Too bad Roberston sees the hand of god in Sharon's stroke. How will Robertson feel when he himself is called to his maker? Hope he comes to see it as punishment for a life lived in vain!

Although I am not too well-versed in Israeli politics in general and Sharon's career in particular, I feel that Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza was a courageous move. I wish somebody would tell Robertson that god managed to delay Sharon's demise as a reward and also just so that an ideological successor might have time to emerge.

You are exactly right. I could tolerate these religious nuts, if it was only their comedic genius we had to contend with. But the scary influence they have on the average person and our craven politicians, is indeed no laughing matter.

I am no fan of Sharon, but I too thought that whether because of security calculations or mellowing in old age, his withdrawal from Gaza was a laudable move. I don't know if Ayatollah Pat contemplates his own death - he is too busy issuing fatwas and wishing for the destruction of his enemies.

The real estate holdings of Lucifer would include:
All of non-Christian world (therefore most of Asia), the Blue states in the US and Dover, Pennsylvania.

I would feel so much better if fundamentalists were not always cheering on a god who looks a lot like a chest-thumping, club-swinging alpha male primate. Or am I projecting again?

What flabbergasts me is that people actually send money to this man - lots of money. And they believe that Robertson is communicating with G-d. Apparently there is a sucker born every minute.

My inaugural address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!


Your jaw will drop!

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