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February 01, 2006


When I read things like "Cindy Sheehan arrested for wearing anti-war t-shirt," a number flashes in my mind: 1984.

I'm wondering, does it make this incident "better" or "worse" that the charges were dropped? That's recognition of the fact that she committed no crime--yet that didn't stop der F├╝hrer's gestapo from arresting her, presumably to silence her. You're not supposed to arrest people for not committing crimes either, so why not charge her? Well, presumably they arrested her to silence her, and putting her on trial with a possible one year jail sentence for wearing a t-shirt noting the number of dead American soldiers in Iraq would have the opposite of a silencing effect.

Technically, yeah, she was never in any real danger of prosecution, and an idiot cop probably just screwed up--but given the President's rhetoric (and actions past and present), is it really that big of a stretch to imagine her being jailed (indefinitely and without a trial, even!) for practicing "irresponsible" (treasonous!) speech?

Also, I have heard conservatives criticize Sheehan by saying that she does not behave like a "grieving mother" and that she is capitalizing on her son's death to garner publicity for herself. Who knows how a grieving mother behaves? Some go into depression, some console themselves by accepting the president's assurance that their children died for a just cause and some like Sheehan, protest the lie that took their child away from them.

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