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January 21, 2008


viewing from a distance, from the outside, from far away across the seven seas, Martin Luther King Jr's dream no longer appears to be a dream. Hollywood movies show blacks in high position in the US. in a country where oprah winfrey, denzel washingtom and obama are what they are, well. i think, there is enough reason for Martin Luther King to rest in peace.

I admit i know nothing of th ground reality. but this is an impression shared by a lot of people in my part of the world

I usually disagree with Krauthammer, but for once, he writes perceptively of what could be the possible motivations and ambitions of Hillary vs. Obama. What is the press coming to, all of a sudden? Is it something new in the water or the air- Christopher Hitchens wielding a poison-pen against a Clinton resurgence, Krauthammer delicately dissecting HRC motives, with graceful props to African-American sensitivities... Are they trying to push deeper divisions so that the specter of a Clinton-Obama ticket go away- it would probably be a more powerful combination than any other, given the present primary results.

I too am not a fan of Krauthammer. But occasionally he does speak the unpalatable truth. Nothing that Krauthammer, Hitchens or others are saying will do more harm to Democratic Party unity than Hill and Bill's naked ambition is not inflicting already.

It is one thing to praise one's own spouse (or family member) during a campaign. It is quite another to viciously slam her opponent. More than unseemly of an ex-president who is the nation's mouthpiece in various international human rights endeavors. But what is a little mud slinging when you have another shot at the presidency?


You are right. Things are much better now but there is more room and need for improvement. Obama's run as a viable presidential candidate and his win in the mostly white state of Iowa is a powerful example of that progress.

Anyone : What is the source for the phrase "boulevard of broken dreams"? I have seen it used in other western languages from the 90s and possibly before.


It is a song. (Here is the video)

But that was probably not what brought the phrase to my mind when I wrote this post. I have a kitschy art print of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks in which the four barroom figures have been altered to depict James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Marily Monroe and Elvis Presley. It hangs on the wall just above my computer and its title is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

Ruchira : I too found the wiki-article you cite. However, I remembered a song named "Por el bulevar de los sueƱos rotos" by Joaquin Sabina, dated 1994 -- a decade before the Green Day song. The Sabina song is mentioned in the wiki-article (I found it on a hunch) on Chavela Vargas, whose singing is heard on more than one Almodovar movie, and who does a stint in the movie about Frida Kahlo. See the last line under "Appearances on Film" in the following link :
Chavela, Queen of the Ranchera, is quite a character, and has an unforgettable voice. Here is a clip of her appearance in "Frida" :
A fanciful video of the Sabina song is at :
I believe that "boulevard ... " has an even earlier provenance than 1994. I'll keep looking.

Try this. The earliest reference is to a 1934 song.

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