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January 13, 2008


When a Clinton staffer made (allegedly "unauthorized") comments about how the Republicans would accuse Obama of not just having used cocaine (which he admitted in his memoir ages ago), but of having sold it because he's black, that was clearly playing the race card (vis a vis electability).

That said, I don't think the MLK-LBJ comment was a racist remark. While it can plausibly be interpreted that way, as you've done, I don't see the evidence that Hillary intended it that way. She was trying to make the point that she has experience in Washington getting things done through the political process, and that Obama's talk of "hope" is not sufficient to cause this undefined "change" that every single presidential candidate is talking about.

I think that it was a stupid (desperate?) thing to say because of the way that most Americans feel about Martin Luther King, but I don't read Hillary as saying, even implicitly, that civil rights progress required or requires white leadership or a white President.

Thanks, Joe. You may be right in your youthful wisdom.

I am so paranoid about the Clintons and their single minded determination to get back into power that everything they are doing looks shady to me. The problem as I see it is that between this ugly gender vs race struggle, the Democratic Party might splinter along the seams and come Nov. 2008, we might be straddled with another eight years of hell under President McCain/ Romney / Giuliani or Huckabee. But then, if the alternative is President Clinton II, I don't much care either way.

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