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February 22, 2008


The videos are as heart breaking as they are infuriating. There is no reason to treat sick animals in this manner to squeeze out the last penny out of them for profit. And the scary thing is that this was a "random" slaughter house. The Humane Society had no prior knowledge about the abuses there. This means that this kind of gross cruelty is probably going on at all meat packing plants.


With the claims about the number of audits of Westland in their letter, it's evident that if the audits are showing up nothing while the undercover investigation is, abuse of downer animals is probably happening all over the industry. Even the workers, while undoubtedly showing great cruelty, may just be filtering down a general indifference of the 'all about profits' company management in their vicious treatment of the sick animals.
Maybe the punitive recall of the meat will open the eyes of consumers to the larger implications of all these horrors perpetrated on the factory-farmed food that reaches their table. We may have come a long way from the days when beef/chicken/pork etc. came out a freshly slaughtered animal that we actually knew when it was a tiny calf/chick/piglet. But that shouldn't blind us now to these abuses committed in the name of efficient mass production.

I will most definitely be sending a letter through the link posted on your Take Action post!

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