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January 17, 2009


This is hilarious. Did Anna play the hooker? It will soon be time to create a video about Bush's preoccupations during expanded leisure hours. What do you think he will be doing?

Bwahaha! That's funny even 7 years later, with the Tennessean drawl etc.

A suggestion for Bush's preoccupations (of which I got a whiff when we finally purchased the WiiFit game a few days ago):
Playing the 'Head the Ball' game which requires you to dodge flying shoes. Maybe he could become a Billy Mays-like spokesman for the WiiFit, given the number of hours of practice he must have put in, to the utter detriment of the Economy, in the recent days.
Or you could just show him passed out on a couch, empty Jim Beam bottles littering the floor, eyes glazed over as he watches yet another rerun of Beavis and Butthead.

I did, indeed, play the hooker (in a role scripted for me by my now husband), though that borrowed pink ribbon, sports bra, rolled up skirt and flat boots, mostly made me look...odd. Stranger than fiction, I have maternal aunts and first cousins who speak with exactly that accent. My great grandmother used to describe bad behavior as "more ornery than cat manure." The set was a Palo Alto, CA middle school. We had a blast. I like your suggestions, Sujatha, and think it may well be time for a sequel. What say you, Andrew?

Also, as long as we're outing people, Andrew failed to mention his star turn, as Al's amanuensis. And a mighty fine looking ex-vice presidential amanuensis he was.

Ha-ha-ha! I like Ruchira and Sujatha's ideas for what Bush will be up to. And very glad that you liked the film. I had actually scripted a longer version in which Al Gore is kidnapped by eco-terrorists who lure him into a trap by stealing his BlackBerry -- he fights his way out, in spite of his trepidations about discharging a firearms within city limits. However, my feedback from Hollywood people was that it was "difficult to cast," the excellent performances in this short notwithstanding. Also, the guys playing Al and playing the pimp both started families, which made them less willing to put in a Saturday doing this kind of thing. But who knows, maybe we do need to drag them back kicking and screaming into Bush follies...

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