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February 14, 2009


That's why it's important to shout "Blackwater = Xe" from the rooftops, just so people don't forget who the blackguards are, quite literally.

I'd seen a number of "[mercenary/outfit/business/hired thugs] formerly known as Blackwater" quips, but nothing tying that cute phrase to the CEO, a Mr. Prince. Fortunately, Talking Points Memo produced this comment. But what in hell does Ms. Tyrrell mean by "We've taken the company to a place where it is no longer accurately described as Blackwater"? So it's now accurately described as Xe? And yet "Tyrrell said there is no meaning to the new name," from which I infer the company is now accurately described as meaningless.

Thanks for that Dean! I read TPM regularly but missed the comment. The Prince-Prince tie up with the weasely phrase,"formerly known as" is really funny and also a bit creepy. I wonder what Mr. Prince, the CEO of Xe, formerly known as etc.. will call himself from now on. Another enigmatic symbol like the singer formerly known as Prince or is he going to borrow from the Periodic Table as he did for the company?

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