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March 08, 2009


Thanks, Sujatha. The little known and insular tribes, especially the peripatetic ones, in all parts of the world are always looked upon with equal measures of curiosity, suspicion and disdain by others who own property and are rooted in their neighborhoods. The story about the prediction of your sister's birth is indeed striking. So many such strange and unexpected things happen in India. To the non-believers, they are all coincidences. To those who take such occurances seriously, it is a special gift.

I am not surprised that the Narikoravas speak a mixture of south and north Indian languages. I believe all the traveling societies in India, initially were from the north. They probably came to India many millennia ago from the nomadic people of Central Asia.

So they are variously known as Narikoravas (fox hunters) and Kuruvikarar (sparrow hunters) and we learn that the practice of animal sacrifice is widespread. The first article that you linked to mentions the following rather enigmatically:

They snare domestic cats in residential areas using portable snares.

I would like to know what happens to the snared cats.

I think they get eaten, like any of the other small animals that they trap.
The prediction wasn't remarkable in itself, at the time, except after the event. What struck me the most about the incident was the kurathi's strong assertion in a 'Dare to disbelieve me' kind of way- most soothsayers deal in generalities, but that was clearly quite infra dig for her. Maybe it was the confidence of having been proved right more frequently than wrong, but she refused to back down on being challenged.

1. marvellos prediction power !sujatha !

2. TaMjaavur Nayakans - The kings developed ,kuravanji ,yakshagaanams.

3. -
Your blog NAME is a variety and humorous.

Actually, the blog name is Ruchira's choice- she is the main blogger here.
Lovely pictures on your blog, but unfortunately, I can't read Telugu :(

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