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April 29, 2009


A good post, Ruchira. Influence is a tricky subject, as is influenza these days. For whom would I have voted? Maybe Gutenberg? We still have books, even in 2009. Naw, he's overrated. From my perspective the most influential person so far this year would have to be either Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose wind serenades as recorded by members of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra on Nonesuch back around 1982 I recently revisited, having finally mounted my turntable stand on the wall, or Ivor Tiefenbrun, the man who designed the turntable. Listening to LPs lately, after fifteen frustrating months away from them, has replenished my optimism, and the LA band's delivery of Mozart's goods secures the supply.

anonymous hacked the poll, brainiac.

the first letters of each name spell "MARBLECAKE, ALSO THE GAME"

anonymous didn't just hack the first spot, they hacked the whole damn thing

That's hardly a hack. It's merely a vote for acrostics as the most influential person of 2009.

they didn't vote, they wrote scripts to stuff the ballot box with thousands, if not millions, of votes. there was no legitimate way to make such a precise order that wouldn't be messed up by other people voting in the regular way.

See for more.

I still fail to understand why Eric Holder is more influential than Lil Wayne. Ergo, the results should display MARBLLCAKE AESO THE GAME, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Ruchira is a horrible reporter, if you can call this blog reporting. The first sentence is horribly inaccurate: They have a parallel online poll EVERY year, and the list that goes in the magazine WILL be judged by experts. Last years poll has a south korean pop star win because korean forums wrote scripts. Do you just make up facts as you go along? Downvoted this garbage on Reddit.

Anwar Ibrahim is the former number 2 to Mahatir Mohammed who was Prime Minister of Malaysia. But Mahatir had him removed and thrown in prison on a trumped up sodomy charge. He was in jail for several years and is now out and again active in Malaysian politics and could well become the PM, but as the leader of the opposition. His major plank is an end to Malaysia's racial preference laws favouring the Malays.

Re: John Johnington's remark, "if you can call this blog reporting." To my knowledge, we don't call it reporting. We call it blogging, but none of us purport to be reporters. Thanks for your concern, though.

Thanks, Joe. Perhaps John didn't notice that we even have a category called "Random Thoughts & Idle Chatter."

I have to admit though that I realized later that Time does do public polling every year (2009 is their third one) and gets weird results like the Korean singer, Rain (he figures on this year's list too) topping the chart last year. I guess this year's poll has garnered the unusual publicity because of the mysterious "moot."

But still, we are not "reporters."

Hehe I trolled you XD


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