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September 18, 2009


... to say nothing of the maddening mosquitoes that ruined my enjoyment of the light and sound show.

Ah, the mosquitoes --I had insisted on my kids wearing full sleeves and pants, and earlier dowsing exposed parts with Odomos. So, we survived with minor bites on undowsed portions.

So, did you run away from the show because of the mosquitoes, rather than the music?

The main attraction didn't appeal to me; alas, I was a captive audience, obliged to ooh and aah to my hosts. I liked the surrounding buildings though. My memory is of white buildings, minarets, a stone paved courtyard and some magnificent old trees that have managed to escape the choolas. The most striking places of antiquity are those off the beaten path and away from the cities. My two long trips through Karnataka and Tamilnad are most memorable for the travel experience, the surprises, and chance encounters. I knew nothing of the South when growing up in India, so the trips were all the more rewarding, the discomforts now laughable.

'there is still an underlying India that is worth seeing in all its glory and squalor'

strange statement. 'underlying' india? - the squalor & glory are india.

with all this, this land is worth living in.

you've given me inspiration for a blog :-)

I seem to be stuck with semantic explanations today, Kochuthresiamma!

'Underlying' as in 'lying under the veneer of touristic pablum' or in other words 'beyond all the tourist trappings. The glory is there, as is the squalor.

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