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December 20, 2009


Good links, Sujatha. Hope the new snow blower is working. My flight takes off from New York City on the 24th. Hope the weather calms down by then and I will not be faced with flight delays or cancellations. What a mess!

I saw the Carmen Herrera piece last night and wondered about the same thing. Although I find Herrera's geometric creations quite attractive, especially her color scheme, I think that her age does make an impact on the viewer. Everyone loves a Grandma Moses.

Actually, it's an old snow blower from 5 years ago, brought out after a brief retirement over the last 2-3 years. There's a slight dip in the 'March towards Global Warming' graph this year, after all.
You should be fine flying out from NY, I think. The forecast suggests cold but clear weather over the next few days.
Herrera's creations are quite lovely, but I wonder too whether some of the spotlight is just marketing hype, based on her age and connections.

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