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December 01, 2009


What a remarkable achievement, Ruchira and Sudhir! This is exactly the kind of publicity it seems Barnett was recommending.

I guess I don't get the depiction of the NIH. Afraid to gamble? Too novel? What do risk and innovation have to do with scientific inquiry? (As I ask it, that becomes a rhetorical question.)

The video is a little unsettling, although it's nice to watch and listen to your husband. If "AIDS is now mostly a disease of straight men and women," then why is CIF milking the drag queen vibe?

Many among the CIF activists are gay Americans. Although the mode of transmission of HIV is largely through the heterosexual route in Asia and Africa, the rate of infection in the US is still 55% among gay men. The straight HIV patients here belong overwhelmingly to the lower socio-economic bracket. So the mindset among the older, wealthy Americans about AIDS has become "It is the disease of the poor and the homosexuals; we need not worry. Let's spend our money on cancer and Alzheimer's cure." (Sudhir is doing some very good work on Alzheimer's vaccine also but that is still in its early stages.)

That is perhaps the reason why CIF designed its fundraising appeal to resonate with the gay community which compared to the straight AIDS patients here, is far more educated and wealthy. But Zachary Barnett is fully aware of the other victims of HIV in the rest of the world. You can check out the Global Mission page of the CIF website.

Since you found the Newsweek video unsettling, I am embedding a different, more straightforward one in the post. It was designed in Sudhir's lab for the university website and over which Sudhir had more artistic control. This one explains the mechanism of how the vaccine is supposed to work.

Congrats, Ruchira and Sudhir!
You've hit the big time for sure, since Dr.Paul's research is the sole focus of the HIV article in the Newsweek online special. In light of the overall good article, I'm willing to forgive the bad headline of 'revolutionary—or it could be a waste of time and resources'- that is over the top, considering that all true scientific research can never be biased as to its outcome, or it wouldn't be scientific.
May the research continue, and soon!

I recall that longer, more informative video. I got to thinking it must have had its share of views at YouTube, so I viewed it there. Fewer than 1100! Isn't this the sort of object we'd expect to go...viral?

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