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May 12, 2010



Infuriating, indeed!

Where did Sujatha's and my comments go? I still see them on the TypePad website but they are no longer visible here! May be I will post them again.

My comment:

This event is so disturbing on so many fronts. I am disappointed that the Obama administration has not acted with more alacrity to close the loop holes and wide gaping chasms of deregulation that the Bush-Cheney regime opened up for its greedy cronies in the energy industry. The British Petroleum disaster in the ocean has already diverted attention from the Massey Corporation's killing mines in the mountains of W.VA. I wonder how many other such companies are operating with impunity and scant regard for flora, fauna and the integrity of the earth. We will only hear of their misdeeds when another disaster unfolds. I am hoping that there is a thorough investigation and the dirty hand print of Dick Cheney (and his Energy Task Force) will emerge and his culpability will be established beyond the shadow of a doubt. The thundering silence from Sarah "Drill Baby, Drill" Palin too is telling.

I am about to start reading Frank Thomas' "The Wrecking Crew" at the behest of Frank Pasquale (we have written about him here). He tells me that the book is a detailed and accurate compendium of the damage that Bush-Cheney & Co. managed to do during their eight year rampage and the price that the US will have to pay for years to come.

Sujatha's response:

I think Ken Salazar has been part of the problem, despite his current attempts to restructure MMS. When senators end up being too cozy with the energy lobby, the rights of citizens and environmental protections get thrown out the window without any compunction, and the regulators end up being partners in crime with the oil companies, rather than properly fulfilling their functions. Right now, the focus is and should be on the capping of the spill, but attempts by BP to channel the oil for further sale and profit could have taken a backseat to just plugging the wellhead, which could be accomplished with explosive charges or low tech methods like pumping tonnes of mud (used for an oil spill in the Timor sea). Investigations into Bush-Cheney misdeeds will not be in the forefront, either now or after the spill is finally capped. That has not seemed to be the M.O of this administration, which demonstrates a distinct uneasiness with the concept of trial and punishment for past crimes.

I think AB burped. It didn't save my post in my dashboard, so I went ahead and 'republished', but lost the old comments which were no longer visible when I tried to adjust. Never mind, since you have reposted them here, Ruchira.

'Infuriating'? I think the correct feeling is 'Resigned to another dirty job to clean up': Think of the messes we moms had to deal with in the potty training days, but on a much larger scale. Mother Earth is going to have to bring in the vacuum Hurricanes, to help clean this up. Maybe we will help it along by letting Global Warming take over a little further. I didn't see anyone swearing off fossil fuel use this morning to suddenly reduce the demand for oil.
Seriously, I think not only should BP pay entirely out of its profits for the cleanup, but all oil and gas companies should be asked to place a(or multiple) billion dollars each in an escrow fund or something to help in such contingencies.Or they should all be required to contribute a gazillion dollars towards funding high-tech research to cleanup the messes they cannot guarantee will never happen (per what the Infamous Trio answered in response to Sen. Lautenberg's rather childish seeming query of "Can you guarantee this kind of spill will never happen again?" They all replied "No, we cannot guarantee it.")

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