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June 19, 2010


I've seen large chunks of Gasland and can not recommend it enough. Not that the result of injecting large amounts of toxic sludge near the level of the water table is exactly shocking: the water table is polluted.

Earlier today someone was shocked when I said I couldn't think of George I disliked; after I little prompting, I remembered one particular name. This preview video brings that name back in it's full horror, and the damage its owner did by signing the repeal of the clean air and water acts for oil and gas drilling companies.

Best of luck in your fight against more fraking.

I'm hopeful that the case against the gas-gold rush will lead to positive results, now that the BP Oil Spill has reinforced the environmental consequences of reckless drilling, even beyond the warning of the gas well blowout. Questions are now being asked that hadn't occurred to the stakeholders, prior to this. The answers may not always be palatable, but at least decisions will be made with clear eyes that see the consequences unfogged by pure profit considerations.
I wasn't aware of the stealth gutting of the Clean Air and Water act by the Bush administration. Another sin to lay at their door, like the many others.

Oh, Bush-Cheney did their dirty deed alright, including banning federal workers from becoming whistleblowers in case of infractions.

I can only hope that the BP disaster will tweak the antennae of citizens and industries alike. However, one disaster always helps in shifting attention from another. For example, we haven't heard much about the Massey Mining accident in recent days ever since the spill occurred in the Gulf. I hope a criminal investigation is under way, both on the state and federal levels. Twenty nine miners died due to the profit driven malfeasance in that incident.

But there will always be people who will side with lax regulations and greater profits against health and safety. Two Texas businesses, one of them a petroleum company, are currently suing the EPA to relax the clean air standards of the state.

Massey Energy is busy taking cues from the blame piled upon the MMS. In the most recent report I could find, they are blaming the regulatory agency for 'forcing them' to revert to a less safe ventilatory arrangement. I wonder how likely it is that some consideration of the money involved that would chip away at profits might have figured in that picture.

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