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June 30, 2010


I saw this exchange live during the hearings. Didn't it look as if Lindsey Graham was fishing for this response, knowing in advance what she would say if he persisted with the "Where were you on Christmas Day?" line of questioning? But sure, the comic relief was far nicer than the sour Thurgood Marshall bashing by Sens. Jeff Sessions and Jon Kyl.

You're right, it does seem as though Graham is all but taking a hammer and smashing it on Kagan's head : "Come up with the jokey answer now!". Schumer chiming in with the explanation. Is it all carefully concocted to help Kagan be more 'likeable' on camera?
Maybe the fix is in. Specter has made the usual 'dissatisfied' noises, Klobuchar asks Kagan about her adjudication of whether Edward is hotter or Jacob in the new Twilight movie.... The whole thing is just a hollow and vapid charade to please the mass media drooling for soundbites and storylines. Lucky that the 'Spy who lived beside me' is the rage du jour.

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