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August 18, 2010


What can be said of this that has not already been said about Lois Griffin's meatloaf? (shallow and pedantic)

Welcome to Accidental Blogger, Sarkany. In our close-to-five-years of existence, you may be the first reader who has left uniformly critical and patronizing comments during a very brief period, sometimes even when no comment was necessary and at least once, when you overlooked the obvious fallacy in your argument and I was too tired to correct you. Hopefully, you will continue to visit. I am sure one day, one of us will surely manage to write something that will measure up to your exacting standards :-)

It was a whimsy which amused me, but hey if it ain't your cup of tea, whatever. I'll refund your viewership fee for the post, and so on.

I will say I've been accused of excessive silliness and weirdness when being flippant, but pedantic, that's a new one. I hadn't realized that conjunction was possible. Its achievement, even inadvertent, must surely count as an accomplishment.

The thought is very random indeed but I have some information to make things simpler. You can actually ask to have more than one shot of coffee in any size for no extra cost. Now if you have a tall coffee with 2 shots you actually get 6 ounces/shot. Ta-da.

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