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May 26, 2011


The money from AIPAC counts for a lot as an incentive for the 'trained circus seals'- What an apt comparison, no wonder they are only too eager to balance balls on their noses for a fish or two.
I get the impression that Obama is playing a different game here: Obama gets Netanyahu and hardliners in Israel in a tizzy over the framing of a relatively innocuous restatement of existing US position, the media blares it as a defeat for /faux pas by Obama, Netanyahu appears good to the hardliners and worse to the moderates at home in Israel, what happens next in the Israeli election cycle is anyone's guess.As for the current reactions, will Netanyahu think he is in a position of power from the negotiating standpoint and therefore a tad more willing to garner glory as a peacemaker? Or will he feel cornered and become more intransigent and refuse negotiations? Carrots vs. Sticks, in a slightly different mode, taking into account the way the media loves to frame these events.

I have a suspicion that Obama is being supported here by liberal American Jews who may be sick of the impasse in Israel-Palestine and see the hypocrisy of America's so called "pro-democracy, pro-freedom" stance in the rest of the middle east.

And as my daughter pointed out, why was Biden joining in the standing ovation? Isn't he with his own boss, the president?

"[I]t encapsulates accurately the cowardliness of [some] US politicians in handling the Israel-Palestine peace negotiations."


if obama can push thru his arab-israeli peace deal undiluted (respecting pre-war borders and all), he'll go down in history as the president who boldly addressed the root cause of terrorism which is the greatest threat to world peace now.the same tenacity he showed with the health policy and bin laden pursuit can win him this war too - despite pro israel lobby. hope he does this, tho efforts at damage control makes me skeptical.

strange how lobbies in various countries thrive on keeping alive peace-threatening issues for political expediency. such lobbies are fed by irrational hatred and mulish adherence to a once taken position. their fanaticism does not allow such thoughts as changing with changing times. lobbies in pakistan need to keep alive Kashmir issue. arab israeli deadend too is a political imperative for certain groups.

only pro active citizens can change this. guess referendums on this issue would shouw that only a handful wants to keep the outdated pots boiing.but then, many political systems dont provide for referenndums.

Well said.

It is often said that Social Security is "the third rail" of our political life; touch it, and die a screaming, horrid death. I don't think so. Trying to have a realistic discussion of our policy towards the nation-state of Israel causes everyone in mainstream and right-wing politics (increasingly difficult to distinguish) to lose whatever equanimity they might possess and start frothing at the mouth.

Notwithstanding the "riskpref English" terminology, your version (1) corresponds with my understanding of the situation which is roughly as follows:

When PM Netanyahu become PM, the Palestinian Authority precondition for resuming the negotiations that broke off in late 2008 was that Israel must halt all construction of housing for its Jewish citizens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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