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June 28, 2011


Great post! I see things are getting politically squalid enough for you to want to write about them! You've inspired a magnificent fantasy of SP and Bachmann, duking it out like Krystle and Alexis. Which will shoot skeet in a little red tartan, and unhorse the other? How I wish they bore one crucial resemblance to Thelma and Louise...

I think it is too simplistic to explain Palin and Bachmann merely by Dunning-Kruger although I have done so myself. Their totally unwarranted self esteem despite a lack of knowledge and understanding of complex matters or even history, arise not just from the confidence of the ignorant but also due to the homage the world pays to beautiful women. The Palin-Bachmann duo are used to people listening to their BS without protest because an attractive woman mouthing banalities is easy on the eye and ear when the brain pays scant attention to the content of their vehement but meaningless blather. Sad but true.

Michelle Bachmann's announcement on Monday contained the usual distortion of local history but she will think nothing of the bloopers as long as she knows God wants her to save America.

Bachmann was tagged Monday for referring to her home town of Waterloo, Iowa, where she made her formal run announcement, as the birthplace of movie actor John Wayne. Waterloo is the home of John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer. The actor was born in Winterset, Iowa.

A fierce proponent of fiscal responsibility, Bachmann is now being quizzed by the press about her family's history of receiving large federal subsidies. Bachmann's breezily explained that she "personally" did not benefit from the governmental largesse.

And a Los Angeles Times story tallied up $30,000 in government funding that it said Bachmann and her husband have received for their Minnesota counseling business, as well as $260,000 in federal agriculture subsidies it said were issued to a Bachmann family farm in Wisconsin once owned by her late father-in-law.

It's true, Ruchira, they are both very pretty women, and men who like rabid and crazy mixed in with the MILF look must be extremely susceptible to them. Being fair to men, enormous numbers of them have also liked, respected and listened to Molly Ivins, Ann Richards, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and many other unbeautiful women who have yet possessed "la charme du pouvoir." The difference? White male wing-nuts can run Palin and Bachmann while letting them think they make the decisions. While one may have issues with the politics or the integrity of some women also mentioned above, no one sees them as girly stooges for men in power behind the scenes. Or as Dunning-Krugerettes.

Look, for the really objectively radiantly gorgeous broad, search no further than Barack Obama. I'd love to see her out on the town in high heels and a low-cut satin dress! That gal's a looker, I tell ya! And power? She's got plenty to spare!

Oh, Obama is for sure a "radiantly gorgeous broad." Although he has disappointed me on Iraq, Afghanistan, energy innovation and much else, I still don't mind putting my fate in his hands for the time being because despite the dazzling looks, I don't doubt that his mental prowess matches the power of his office. I also sort of like the fact that Michele Bachmann doesn't think that he is quite the American Girl that she is.

Yes, but Michelle Bachmann is so...petty.

Interesting you point that out, Dean. His sheer gorgeousness helped get him elected -- it took down the Malcolm X note, made him appear less horribly intelligent than he is, and knocked out the black power vibe, replacing it with a sort of pharaonic metrosexuality. (Anyone remember Jaye Davidson from The Crying Game???)

My father knew LBJ before he entered presidential politics. He said the secret of his overwhelming effect on the men he won to his cause was that he flirted with them like a girl flirts. That he was a very tall, ambitious all-guy type deep in middle age only made that crazily effective. Because you couldn't accuse him of it -- too far out of you, if you did.

It may be the part-tranny, part-unhinged governess, part-dominatrix brew is infusing the natural good looks of Bachmann and Palin with a reek of downmarket power, the kind of gender-straddling, wiggy wolf-killing that, along with unusual fecundity, fascinates and compels.

I would not be too sure that they didn't all do serious time watching footage of David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Michael Jackson.

Now we're talking, Elatia. You've teased out a strand or two of the double-standard, although I question the assumption that there is such a quality as "natural good looks." Anybody remember last month's scandal over a study of the "objective" beauty of African American women? But even if the POTUS's sex appeal is in the pubic region of the beholder, it's clear that he(?), like his(?) wannabe female (so we assume) opponents, is all about bi-partisan engagement...if you get my drift.

Talk about eye candy--is Rick Perry the Palin-Bachmann male equivalent? I find him less than appealing, but I suppose some who are raised on the phony Marlboro Man stereotype of maleness may be dazzled. Limbaugh even commented on his great head of hair. For the rest of us--did we learn nothing from George W???

Nancy Hudson

Nancy, did you see in today's Chronicle how Perry's puppet masters jerked his strings to defeat his Tea Party pleasing anti-immigration stance? I had to laugh.

On this blog, I never fail to refer to the governor as anything other than Rick "Goodhair" Perry.

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