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August 29, 2011


All the best, and stay safe, Norman.

Norm, you seem to have thought of everything. Boiling water is a good idea. But if your electricity goes out, that electric kettle won't work. I hope you have enough water boiled/cooled for consumption for the next few days.

Unless water comes up the hill like a tsunami (or the magnetic hill in Ladakh:-), you are probably safe from the eventuality of flooding. Water surge is by far the worst thing that happens to structures. Ike wreaked only wind damage in our area. We had no rising water threatening this part of Houston. The wind knocked down my back fence and blew off a few shingles from the roof. Other than that we had no damage to our house. But we lost electricity for 13 days (only four homes on our street were affected because of a transformer blowing out next door). We had extension wires brought into the home from our neighbor's front porch and survived for nearly two weeks by running a few selected appliances. I hope you will not lose power and if you do, hopefully it will only be for a short time.

Irene seems to resemble Ike in some respects. A relatively slow moving but widely spread out storm. These storms do damage by just hovering over affected areas for a long time and dumping huge amounts of rain.

Best of luck!

@ Ruchira:


No power for two weeks! Gee! I'm continuing to put water in containers for drinking. Later I will fill up the bathtub in case I need the water to flush the toilet.

OK Norm, read the blog. Thought you might be irritated a bit that I referred to you in relation to Jim, but needed an illustration. Nice blog, could have expanded a bit on how you and significant other managed to warm up a bit.

@ Walter:

Nice of you to stop by. Where was that reference. If I don't remember it's because I wasn't irritated. I believe in the adage that there is no such thing as 'bad publicity.' Nothing wrong pointing to someone and saying, "I disagree with that guy."

The romance novel thing was a spur of the moment. I'll see if I can generate a little more creativity in a while.

The media hype was so focused on the drama of 'Irene hits NY' that the storm, when it really hit, was a sad let-down for New Yorkers. Vermont hit the jackpot in this lottery of misfortune.

The media circus was truly over the top because indeed they were expecting Irene to hit NYC and D.C. in a major way. Politicians on the whole acted responsibly by issuing warnings. It is better to be safe than sorry as I experienced during "Rita" in the gulf coast. The hurricane veered away from Houston/Galveston in the last hours and made landfall in a less populated place in east Texas. But had it gone according to earlier projections, the two cities would have seen widespread destruction. Instead, what Houstonians experienced was a evacuation nightmare which in hindsigt proved to be unnecessary.

Sujatha: I wrote this on Facebook yesterday.

No, it wasn't NYC, D.C. or Boston that felt the real brunt of Irene. It is Vermont and other regions inland, that are facing devastation in the form of massive river flooding. Who woulda thunk?
BTW, today is the 6th anniversary of Katrina, ...the storm that put our politicians on notice that indifference to natural-disaster-preparedness by inept leaders can have repurcussions as dangerous as casually attacking a foreign country based on flimsy and morally unsound arguments.

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