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September 14, 2012


Oh, after the first 24 hours such demonstrations are never "spontaneous." A whole host of people see the opportunity to kill, loot and settle scores. Mob energy in the third world has its own predictable dynamics. Religious frenzy is the best cover for criminals of every stripe.

Your inquiry about Josh sent me looking to the place where he is based. Here is the most interesting post.
A dozen videos of protests in Syria, all looking the same, all with video and audio features that match. I don't know Arabic to know if they are protesting the movie, Assad or the US generally. The timing and organizational uniformity is telling. I'd like to know which group or individual has command and control. And what the real agenda is.

Multiple groups, multiple agendas, just looking for the perfect opportunity to do mischief. When the world media switches to the next shiny thing, all these miscreants will melt away into the woodwork. There may be some serious festering problems that continue to fester, but those likely pre-existed the 'movie mayhem' and will continue to exist after.

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