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September 05, 2012


Welcome to blogging on A.B. John!

Actually, the 'hurrying along' helped keep the evening on track, if you ask me. I might not have been able to stay up past 11 pm to watch Michelle Obama's tour-de-force, if they hadn't maintained the schedule.

Ledbetter's speech was an eye-opener, indeed!

You're exactly right, of course. Air time is too important to waste (although I wonder sometimes about timed sports events getting extended to two, three, even four hours in prime time).

But you know... the summer Olympics was an interesting exercise in global time management. Who knows? Maybe we will see a return to the old ponderous, carnival-type conventions with the media editing and cherry-picking for later. Let's face it, unless you have an Eastwood moment there really aren't many surprises from the conventions. That would be a good way to send the hard-core party faithful away really pumped.

Lilly Ledbetter was an amazing presence at last night's convention. Her southern accent and perfectly coiffed hair, make it tempting to call her a "Steel Magnolia." But Ledbetter's no-nonsense story was all steel without the requisite flirtatious charm of a magnolia - a brave woman with a good heart.

All the speakers were outstanding including the splendid Michelle Obama. I am hoping that the brisk tempo and the substantive messages stay on track tonight and tomorrow, drawing a clear contrast to the vacuous nature of the RNC. There may be little difference in some areas of governing by either party but there is enough in others to make this election one of clear choice. Democrats at last are showing some backbone and not just pandering. What a contrast to last week's self congratulatory, mean spirited "We Built It" sniping at the RNC fiasco that showcased among other things, empty suits and empty chairs.

Welcome to Accidental Blogger, John. I hope you will enjoy blogging with us. For those who haven't met John before, here is a short intro in his own words.

"John Ballard, a cafeteria manager in retirement since 2002, who spent his time since then working in the "senior" environment -- the first five years in the dining room of an independent living community, then as a non-medical caregiver working through an agency."

I met John in the comments section of 3 Quarks Daily and have interacted with him also on Facebook and as such I am somewhat familiar with his world views. His age and perspective, living in the American south, lend credence to his political convictions. John has a lot of experience in blogging, having launched his solo site in 2004 and later blogging at others. Until recently, he blogged at the Newshoggers which has now closed down.

John Ballard on AB!!! I'm really thrilled. I ducked in to see what was going on, and this is it. Will be back to read when I finish work. Welcome to one of my favorite haunts, John, and MWAH!!!

Thanks, Elatia. That makes my day!
I'll try not to be nuisance, but I'm still in recovery mode from losing two or three years of work at Newshoggers. I didn't think it would bother me, but it does. Every day I remember something or other I worked through and remember how much time it took -- and I now want to recover it.
But it's still a great time to be blogging and there is lots to keep me busy.

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