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December 13, 2005


Not quite on topic, but I thought you might find
this amusing.

(at, since the in-text hyperlink appears not to be working)

Wow - that was revealing! Thanks for the link - it worked by typing in the URL in the address.

I actually saw an ad on TV, just like you described, yesterday afternoon for a giant GMC SUV. Former Raiders D-lineman Howie Long, Y-chromosome diplomat extraordinaire and star of such guy-themed films as "Firestorm," is seen pulling up next to a giant, black SUV, in his own identical, but gray, model. While admiring it, he notices that the owner of the black SUV is kneeling in front of a pet-store window, cooing in a girly way at a toy-breed. Howie asks him if this is his truck, gives the obligatory specs (engine size, towing capacity, all the man-stuff), all the while implying that this guy shouldn't be doing what he's doing. Then the guy moves over to look at a large Rotweiller; the dog barks loudly and deeply, and the guy goes, "good boy," in a manly voice. Howie is then seen saying, "Good man," and pulling away.

I have to admit, I puffed out my chest and did some heavy bicep curls - I was at the gym - after the ad was over.

The truth is of course that that's exactly what daddy does in most cases. Weaseling out of things is what separates men from women.

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