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January 25, 2006


I say, with my limited scholarly knowledge of history, is it such a big deal even if the latter day Hindus originally came from somewhere else and were not "sons of the soil"? If they continued to live in India for three thousand plus years and populated much of India with their progeny, they ARE Indians. Why is it such an affront to today's Indian identity if they were "foreigners" thousands of years ago? I do not know where the Hindus (Indians) came from and frankly, I don't care very much. I am much more interested in seeing modern India get its political, social and economic acts together. So, let the archaeologists, paleontologists and forensic anthropologists get their shovels out and start digging. Then let the chips fall where they may.

It's a heated debated. The British used this pretext to justify their colonialism of India. Now communists and leftists use this "invasion theory" for their political ends.

Great post. And you've made really pertinent points. Too many people have this misplaced sense of 'patriotism'.

Good blog you have here. I have linked to your blog (please excuse me for not sending a trackback, was unable to do so for technical reasons) here:

Keep blogging!

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