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January 08, 2006


The thing I don't get about Lieberman is that in the primaries he tried to present himself as similar to BushCo by virtue of his strong family values and religious beliefs--in other words, "I'm electable because I'm a theocrat too"--yet he never seemed to stop to consider whether playing up the fact that he's a Jew in an appeal to the Christian fundamentalists was a wise move.

Howard Dean, sadly, shouldn't be the one to correct the Dems--remember just after he started losing his gigantic lead he went to church with Jimmy Carter in order to have President Carter endorse him as a Christian (granted, he was hoping for more support than a mere "it's true what the Dr says, he's a Christian," but the point still stands).

I do agree with your main point wholeheartedly. Although my concern is that the Democrats have begun a shift towards religiosity at the same that the Republican party is likely fracturing (the libertarian wing vs. the neocon wing). Which could essentially result in an alignment similar to the mid 19th century when the Republicans were the liberal party.

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