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January 01, 2006


I think it's "his." But now I'm not sure if I think that because Leiter's genderedly referred to Dadahead, if I've seen it on Dadahead's blog, or if I just assumed in a gender-biased way that I was reading the blogging of a "he." And I'm more or less new to the blogosphere altogether--my first experience with politically or similarly bent blogs came when I started reading the Leiter Reports a few months back--so all I know about said blogger is [1] blogs/thinks/writes (?) well and [2] fan of dadaism.

You wrote, "we need articulate and fearless truth tellers on Democratic tickets". I agree. However, the problem in my view is not that we don't have such candidates - we had Howard Dean and we had John Edwards.

The problem, according to me, is that Democratic leadership did not have faith in the positions espoused by the grassroots. They torpedoed Dean's campaign and went for a milquetoast like Kerry.

And, worse, they were aided and abetted by the media talking heads who delight in poking fun at the passionately presented, well thought through positions of the likes of Dean.

I for one am tired and disillusioned by the Democratic Party. If Hilary ends up on the ticket, I am sitting out the '08 election. I would rather let things get worse under another Repug administration, because that seems to be the only way that things have a chance of eventually turning around.

PIAW: we seem to agree on our politics too. My feelings about Dean is exactly the same as yours. It was sickening to see how the establishment Dems ran away from him in 2004. (With friends like these, who needs enemies?) And he spoke the truth about everything. I don't think Dr. Dean will run again for the presidential nomination. Too bad.

The Dems are in disarray. Individual members speak up but I have not heard a coherent, unified message. As for Hillary, she does not care for the party and is following her own ambitious agenda, even if it means selling out on ideas and the ideological front. I don't intend voting for her either. Edwards might run if his wife's health is good by 2008. I would like to see an Edwards - Rahm Emmanuel ticket. But the fuddy duddies of the party are sure to promote Hillary and another losing ticket. You are right. Perhaps things will have to get much worse before it gets better with the Dems.

Barack Obama, maybe?

Obama looks good on paper. So far I have seen a lot of star power, not much substance. Rahm Emmanuel(also from Illinois) is less well known but sharp as a tack and great on innovative policies. He was one of the Young Turks of the Clinton campaign before he ran for congress. He is campaign savvy, cool headed, witty and has all the facts at his fingertips. AND, he will not let the Republicans get away with their lies.

I'm a he.

Thanks for the clarification. Being a woman myself, I don't automatically presume that all bloggers are male.

And that blog of yours - really nice!

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