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January 11, 2006


Most sterotypical images of jobs (physical in nature or not) are primarily set up by tv and movies. The first scientist image that comes to my mind is that of
Christopher Llyod from the "Back to the Future" movies...the mad and crazy Dr. Emmett Brown with his wild white hair, out-of-fashion clothes covered by a loose lab coat. Of course I also remember Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from the Muppet show. He was actually bald but he had the out-dated clothes and the lab coat. His assistant, "Beaker", sported the stereotypical wild scientist hair. As you say the real images of
scientist don't match the stereotype but the media implants the particulars in one's mind from a young age...if I were a participant of Dr. Frayling's study,I probably would draw the erroneous stereotyped image myself.

As for the phenotype of a true blue American - no particular person or stereotype comes to mind. I hope that suggests I keep an open mind at least when it doesn't come to scientists like ourselves.

You want to know where the sexy scientists are? I do too! Therefore I've been working on finding the sexiest scientists and profiling them and their work on my blog. Check it out and tell me what yuo think

Thanks for the link. After devoting time to this investigation, do you have time left for your own research? I was a bit disappointed that women scientists do not figure as prominently on your blog as the men. I am sure they are out there.

I forwarded your link to Coturnix at Science and Politics. He already has a post up - check it out.

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