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January 22, 2006


I think you are spot on. When we look back at the war on terrorism, the Iraq diversion will be seen as a major disaster. It has torn the social fabric of Iraqi society and created conditions for the breeeding of more terrorists. As for the real war-- that on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, it is now increasingly clear that it is being lost. Pakistan's entire tribal territory is in revolt and getting progressively Talibanised. The situation in Bangladesh is enough to drive you to despair. Yet all the world is compelled to focus on and waste resources, precious lives and emotional energy, on the blunder in Iraq. Many of us in India are convinced that the US is "advice proof" (as in water proof). They simply refuse to listen to anyone else. They did not heed the voices on Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme, and now it has emerged as the source of the greatest proliferation , sorry to use the word again, disaster.


I think one of the ironies of this "war on terrorism" is that the Bush administration did to Saddam what they had to do to Musharraf. Consider an alternative history, where the words Saddam and Iraq were replaced with Musharraf and Pakistan: every single statement Bush administration officials made would be true and every action they took would have been meaningful.

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