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February 27, 2006


You have some great material here. The comment by the senior President Bush is purely cynical. I saw a Pew Research poll recently that said 80% of Americans believe you can be a good American without Judeo-Christian values. There were other similar results that suggest that Americans are more tolerant of those who don't share their beliefs than right-wingers would like the rest of us to believe.

Ruchira is back! We're all looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Also, it was great reading Joe and Anna's posts. Hopefully they'll continue to post. In fact, perhaps they'll be amenable to moving their blogging over to this site. Power in numbers, you know?

I hope that the next Democratic presidential nominee will have the courage to take on the Republicans on their utter hypocrisy on moral and social issues. Exposing the mean hearted and divisive attitude of the right is crucial to the shaping of sensible domestic social policies. But will it happen? I doubt it. Democrats will be running scared about "electablity" and will try to outdo the Republicans in the "god fearing, bible quoting" game in order to win "mainstream" votes. And they will lose because they will play by the Republican rules. I said this in one of my earlier posts at: . Unfortunately, Howard Dean, the fearless truth teller will not be on the ticket.

Thank you for the warm welcome back! I will try to post something about my visit to Delhi if I can formulate an interesting piece. Too bad I missed Bush's visit to India just by a few days. That would have been a great blogging opportunity.

As for Anna and Joe, you will be happy to know that they are staying on board. Like you, I too have enjoyed reading their posts. In New Delhi, it was a pleasure for me to open my blog every day and read the interesting and thought provoking posts that both of them published. So expect to hear from them - until they tire of blogging. Thanks for your input and suggestions. Now why don't you tell us your real name?

I too really enjoyed reading their posts. I think the three of you make quite a team. Accidental BloggerS?

Regarding my real name, I guess it's just a matter of preference and I fall into that camp that prefers anonymity, at least online. Most people with preferences similar to mine seem to use a single pseudonym when blogging/posting online, but I seem to just pick whatever name pops into my head at the time. I'm not sure what I was thinking about when I picked Warrington.

Great to have you back.

Wilshire 2d /Warrington:

Fair enough. I won't pressure you to reveal your identity. In the meanwhile, keep giving us your comments and suggestions, under whatever alias you choose.

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