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February 01, 2006


The last five years under Bush have been reminiscent of Stephen King's eponymous horror story that you allude to in the title of your post.

Why did the Democrats again choose to give a mealy mouthed response to this speech instead of challenging him on almost everything he said?

I too couldn't believe the credulous coverage given to the "addicted to oil" line. Didn't we have a special energy task force headed by the veep convene nearly 6 years ago? With record profits for energy companies, weakened environmental regulation, and sticking our heads in the sand on "climate change," I'd say Cheney's task force accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

And yet Bush makes the same lame appeals to technology, ethanol, and "clean" coal, as Anna hilariously points out, that we've been getting all along, and suddenly he's a visionary thinker?

Since the Dems don't have the stomach to challenge Bush on his non-stop prevarication and misrepresentations, I have an idea. Let Oprah do it. One hour on her couch and her imperious bullying will pry the truth out of Bush-Cheney like it did from James Frey. The pretense of competent governance will be shattered into Million Little Pieces. While she is at it, Bush might even tell us how he overcame his own addiction to oil or other substances.

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