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February 27, 2006


Will you take one of these to law school next year?

This news sparked conversation in our household as well. I bought a new car last fall, and considered getting a hybrid, but held out, partly because of the cost of available options. Even post-Honda, however, I might still hold out. Though I have no particular engineering or economist's creds to back me up, I can't help feeling that this is still a fledgling technology in which the options five years down the line will be much better.

I wish. I don't so much have $12,000 to buy a new car of any sort. My next car purchase, though, is definitely going to be a hybrid--I believe that although the technology will keep improving, what we've got now is good enough. That the problems of when it was brand new don't exist anymore. (Of course that's just an uninformed opinion; I haven't done actual research on the cars.)

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