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March 05, 2006


Does group motive matter? I don't like the post facto humanitarian justification for the war because it just further demonstrates that the Bush Administration keeps lying to us. And I'm not a history buff, but I'd question whether any war has *ever* been fought *because* of humanitarian concerns (it is, however, difficult to ascribe motive to any government because different individuals will have different motives for the same joint action). But this war can either be justified or not based on its humanitarian outcome, and I don't see how "intent" is at all relevant to that determination.

On a side note, I can never figure out what George Bush wants. Permanent military base in the Middle East other than Israel? Check. Promotion of governments which will be beneficial to America's interests? Um... no. Only an idiot or a crazy person would have ever thought *this* could be good for America in any way.

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