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March 20, 2006


In an email thread, one of my friends provided a loose transcription of a portion of Bush's speech this morning. His transcription:

"Must honor and appreciate what it means to wear uniform. Doesn't matter if I agree with his decision. Great state of West Virginia. September 11th 2001. His job is to remind us of lessons of 2001. We were safe in the 50s and 60s. All that changed on Sept 11th. Sept 11th. Sept 11th. They declared war. Best defense is a good offense. Fight them where they hide. No compromise. Making progress. Taliban hated freedom. We're dealing with ideologues. If the President says something he better mean it. Must make sure his words are credible. 25 million liberated in Afghanistan. We've given chance for people to enjoy beauty of freedom. Liberty is universal thought. Great gift of allmighty God. I welcome the debate. Good visit with President Karzi. I like him. Good man. More work to be done. Want to discuss the Iraq. I saw a threat. He invaded his neighborhood. Look forward to hug family who lost loved one, weep with them."

Yes, that is how he does it. Speaks disjointedly about unrelated things - sprinkled with patriotism and scare tactics. Since nothing is clear cut, he has deniability when someone questions him on his statements. But hidden amidst the gobbledygook is always a message about what he plans to do next. Many of us are learning to understand *Bushspeak*. See my post IED - The New Battle Cry.

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