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March 03, 2006


Just wish to add a comment to your description of India today: One cannot miss the vibrant dynamism of the current "cultural scene" so visible now i.e. the focus on the diversity of folk and the erstwhile marginilized cultural practices such as Sufi, Bhakti, Baul, vachanas, as also the centre-staging of the Dalit and tribal voices, the mainstreaming of women's issues and literature as well as the respectability offered today to the rich oral traditions. I believe all this is bound to lead to the making of a healthy and confident composite culture which had detracked through both, colonial exoticisation of classical cultural expression as well as an aggressive Orientalism that was followed by saffron politics, not to mention the constantly looming threat of American cultural domination.

Thanks for the update. The cultural scene (music, theater, art) is one aspect of India that I am really out of touch with. Books and movies one can stay abreast of from afar. But the art forms that are taking place "on the ground", are less accessible. I need to visit Delhi / India for a longer duration than a week or ten days at a time, to be able to sample them.

I am still waiting for the young Indian artist Richa Arora to e-mail me the photos of her paintings so that I can put them up here.

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