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March 10, 2006


Such a surreal explanation for the test errors...the paper grew! Wow, I didn't even realize that was possible. I'm 30 now...I wonder if I can retroactively use that as an excuse as to why I didn't do better on my college entrance exams back in the day. "Really, I did terrific, it's just that my paper hydro-expanded! I swear!"

Oooh, this Saturn stuff is so cool. Titan, and now this Enceladus discovery, so interesting. The other planets must be jealous, Saturn gets all of the nifty moons. Anyway. Hi.

Hi Matt:
After reading the Saturn story, I checked up on some planetary facts. Average distance from the Sun, about 900 million miles and average temp on cloud tops, around -170 degrees celsius (-274 degrees fahrenheit). And one of the moons is spouting liquid water? Amazing!

Do you remember if it was raining cats and dogs around the time you took your SAT? Or if there was a particularly dry spell, in which case your test paper might have shrunk? If it was either of the two, you may have a case. I don't believe this "water logged" story at all. I just heard on the evening news that some scores may be off by 200 - 400 points. Enough of a margin in some cases to make the difference between your first choice college and last resort. Ridiculous.

"Most scores changed by fewer than 100 points on the 2,400-point test, and only 16 changed by 200 points or more, the College Board said."

ONLY 16 scores changed by 200 points or more! What a deflationary statement. 200 points on the SAT makes my 1400 either a perfect 1600 or a much more pedestrian 1200!

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