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April 16, 2006


As a current Omaha resident I am appalled at what happened last week. Ruchira - you summarized a lot of the events leading up to this very well. What bothers me is that no time was allowed for conducting any research as to what the consequences would be if this law was signed. Another disturbing point was that the Governor of the state who should represent all factions took one side which was a major mistake. He should have stayed out of this issue and definitely asked for time to research the issue. It will go to the courts and the public sentiment is extremely anti-Ernie Chambers.

Thanks, Jackie. I had guessed that you would feel this way. I hope there will be a court challenge to this measure and sanity will prevail. I am very disappointed in Ernie Chambers.

Sounds like huge news, as far as testing the legal limits of "gerrymandering" a school district. But more interesting to me in terms of the personality and social forces behind the legislation.

Also, I find it interesting, Mrs. Paul, that you take this position on racially integrated schools as an abstract, public matter, but that you chose to locate your family just outside the Omaha city line for the express purpose of sending your children to the lily-white Millard Schools (which, one might guess, was especially jarring coming from a racially integrated, urban elementary school). Perhaps you would make a different decision now.

Ms Paul:
Actually I probably would. Make a different decision this time. In the 1980's, I was quite naive about the whole school integration issue in US schools. I was more concerned about national school ratings and what other Nebraskans had to say about local school districts. Millard schools were highly recommended. And remember we did our bit to racially integrate them!

And Ms Paul, perhaps you can write a legal opinion on this.

But, why make a different decision? Both of your children have grown up to be upstanding citizens and no doubt their schooling had some role to play in this. As we say in the middle-west, why fix something that's not broken?

Mr. Kulkarni:
A different decision in the 80's would have been just as good for my "upstanding" children as the one I made. Omaha Central High, as I learnt later, is (or at least was) an excellent school.

Since your own aptitude for picking innovative names is unsurpassed, perhaps you would like to leave a comment on my post about name changes, Changing Nomenclature... I am sure you will have a keen insight on that matter.

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