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April 03, 2006


This isn't necessarily good news. Don't you know that he's quitting because he knows that he has no chance to win? He wants another Republican to win. If he would stay in there, some real damage could be done. As it is, now he'll just work behind the scenes. I just looked at your "update" and it seems to take this into account, but still. Remember that all political moves are designed to achieve ultimate victory. What seems good for one side will be used by the other if at all possible. That's politics.

As you noted in my "update", my initial euphoria is tempered by the same fear as yours. But I have met Congressman Nick Lampson. Unlike the previous challengers to DeLay, who were all ordinary citizens disgusted with DeLay's tactics, Lampson is an experienced pol and quite an attractive candidate with a score to settle - he was redistricted out of his previous district by DeLay. Even though most of my Republican neighbors "would rather die" (so they tell me) before they vote Democrat, there may be enough people in the middle who are quite disillusioned by Bush and DeLay's shenanigans to give Lampson just enough edge to swing it for the Dems in 2006. But who knows? As I said I am signing up as a volunteer and will hit the streets, come September.

Sorry, but I didn't mean to belittle Nick Lampson's chances at all. Honestly, it's probably too late in the game to start a successful Republican candidate (for the special election at least). I am just quite cynical about what this means. The problem here is that there is probably something calculated going on (instead of merely reactionary) on the part of the Republican party. They may not have much foresight on matters important to the nation, but they know how to stay in office. Good luck to Lampson though.

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