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April 30, 2006


Your comments on the dumbing down of science and other curricula are right on the money.

The extreme right has been trying to ruin our local schools by trying to cut a much-lauded International Baccalaureate program in our community. They've finally backtracked after being threatened with a long and expensive lawsuit, but the problem of non-educators trying to mold the curricula to reflect their extreme right and fundamentalist beliefs hasn't gone away- we have t o continue our vigil against school board hanky-panky.

Why were the fundies targeting the Baccalaureate program? I guess anything that challenges students and opens up their minds to independent critical thinking, would be perceived as a threat by those who treat education as mind control.

By the way, did you read that Kaavya Viswanathan may have plagiarised from a second author, Sophie Kinsella? This young woman really wanted a short cut to success.

Yes, I saw that report( and more about plagiarism from Princess Diaries, even Salman Rushdie!!!!) Check out the latest comments on my review at Desijournal. The story is getting curiouser and curiouser.

And you're right about their real reason for trying to cut the IB, though they labelled it as Anti-American and promoting Marxism. The IB is a framework (not a curriculum per se) which promotes critical and analytical thinking skills, also viewing disciplines from a global vantage point, making connections and correlations between various fields of study- evidently not to the liking of people who prefer their and other children to be blind regurgitators of their own narrow views.

Informing students about an opinion or about a group that isn't "in the norm" is in no way "promoting" that opinion or that group's views. It is merely informing, not promoting.

Of course the less that people are educated, the easier they are to control. And isn't it amazing how a number of people of right-wing persuasion like to cut down education, and cut down being educated? As if it is a BAD thing?

When are the fundamentalist Christian conservatives going to get over it and get on with their lives? Sujatha is correct in saying that this stuff isn't going away, and that we need to stay vigilant!

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