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April 30, 2006


It's also available for download at Crooks and Liars:

I was impressed with his performance. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that he stayed in character--he wouldn't have taken the job if he was afraid to make the relevant jokes--but it's pretty gutsy to make fun of the President (and his supporters) right in front of the President and the First Lady for a solid 15 minutes.

Joe: Thanks for the other link.

I think the C-Span transcript will become available soon. I am not sure if one can link to it - you probably have to pay for it. But I am sure some of the bigger liberal blogs will make it available.

I must say that I was quite stunned - Colbert's brutal honesty sent chills down my back. On the one hand I was cheering and on the other, I was feeling a bit sorry for the Bushes.

A larger screen size capture is available at

Click on parts 2 and 3 in the box on the side to see the complete video.

Unbelievable stuff. I just happened to catch it live and was blown away by the amount of truthiness Colbert was able to put into his monologue!

Sujatha: Thanks for the link and also for visiting.

Unbelievable it surely was. Yet Daou Report at Salon says that the major media outlets are ignoring Colbert, focusing instead on the bland routine that Bush did with his "double." (I suspect CBS's segment about Colbert on last night's 60 Minutes was an acknowledgement without comment of what he had unleashed.)

But no fear. Thanks to the alternate media including blogs, the story has exploded. The usual anaemic Sunday traffic on my blog got a shot in the arm yesterday because I had posted the story relatively early. Google and Yahoo searchers looking for "White House Dinner, Colbert" came in all day even from Europe.

As I was telling Joe, I wonder if Al Jazeera will broadcast this with an Arabic voice over!

bush certainly deserves it. and i'm sure somebody is paying for allowing that "free speech zone." i wonder what they were expecting from colbert?

A-train, I have to agree. As much as I like to say I hope the administration doesn't have retribution plans for Colbert himself, it is the the organizers of the event who are the ones most likely to punished for letting Colbert get through the door. Punishing Colbert would be too obvious and would get them even more negative press than they already get.

It was an amazing job Colbert did. I say, "Good for him!"

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