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May 24, 2006


Hello Ruchira (or would Mrs. Paul be more appropriate, since I would be about your children's age!)

Arrived here via your comment on Sepia Mutiny and just wanted to say hello. Plan to be a regular here, henceforth.

You can call me either - just don't call me Aunty. :-)

And welcome! Hope you will find something of interest most of the time. We have an opinion on everything.

Which book of Amitav Ghosh's would you recommend for a first time reader? I checked in my local library and they have the "Antique Land" book and "The Calcutta Chromosome".

Sujatha, "The Calcutta Chromosome" is a pretty good read.

Read both. I loved "In An Antique Land" which is non-fiction and is a book length account of Ghosh's graduate thesis in history. It deals with the ancient trade route between India and Egypt.

M.W. is recommending "The Calcutta Chromosome" which won the Arthur C. Clarke award for science fiction. I am a fan of sci-fi but I found the book unsatisfying. It deals with a hypothetical scenario of chromosomal transmission of malaria. Part ghost story, part science fiction, part history, it is written in Ghosh's usual elegant style. But it did not come together for me in the end. See my review of S.Asian writers in the books & authors section. I criticized The Calcutta.. and one of our blogger friends who runs a science blog, took me to task.

You should also look for "The Glass Palace."

Thanks, I'll try the "In An Antique Land" first- had an overdose of sci-fi books recently.

My favourite is Shadowlines by Ghosh.

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