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May 24, 2006


This is so funny!

I can identify a bit with the serial art/craft mania which has also afflicted me periodically - but not with the kind of tenacious grip it has on you!

A couple of suggestions that helped me clean out the closet from time to time. Donating to schools is a great idea - and the easiest.

Last fall I got rid of several skeins of left over new yarn by continuosly knitting easy to make items like children's scarves, hats and purses for a neighbor's church charity bazaar. Most of the wool is gone and my neighbor loves me.

But if you really wanted to cure yourself of falling in and out of the artistic snare without Ritalin or a twelve step program, try blogging on a daily basis!

Unfortunately, blogging snares up only a half an hour or so of my time. So that means 1/2 hour less for experimenting with the oil paints- I'm having a lot of fun. Best of all, my daughter stops pestering me, pulls out her watercolor paint box and paper and sits and paints by me-she's going toward the abstract mode though, hasn't merged her excellent sense of line with colors yet.
I think that I'm more addicted to the novelty than to any particular craft- I flit from one thing to the next and back again- just my nature, I guess.

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