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June 02, 2006


Great stuff ... I could definitely see it being like the upcoming Omen remake, scary but also very, very stupid

While we are on the subject of movies and conspiracies,I remember distinctly thinking when I saw the blur of a plane hitting the second tower of the WTC, while the first emitted ghastly clouds of smoke and dust, that the whole thing seemed unreal, like a badly made horror flick.
I recently saw Loose Change which was a top conspiracy theory documentary on Google video until a few weeks back. Even if many of the things discussed in it seem a bit far-fetched, there are some that make you go hmmmm...

Oh man, it's so true! I think reading Matt's post has just made my day--maybe even my week.

dude. we just watched the Omen and it, obviously, left me scouring the net for correlations between such movies and Bush. It just all adds up so perfectly. What a mess.

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