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July 08, 2006


I find this kind of disappointing. I've been complaining loudly and bitterly for the past couple years when people use "google" as a substitute for "internet search" -- but now they are (arguably) not incorrect!

Interesting topic, though.

And I definitely approve of the creation of words such as "polyamory" and "biodiesel." They just seem to make sense.

Hi Joe. Long time no see!

Hmm... aren't you a little too young to be making sense of "polyamory"?

Hi Ruchira. It feels good to be commenting here again!

Hahaha, I'm having a fit of laughter over "making sense of polyamory."

On a slightly more serious note, I think that may be a prejudice I acquired from the Old English - Beowulf course sequence I took last year. It's unbelievably easier to understand words when they're composed of smaller words, as is the case with poly-amory/many-love.

Words like geardagum ("yore-days"), or "battle-warrior," "spear-warrior," "victory-warrior," they're all over the place in that poetry, and it's much easier to learn the roots and put them together than to have to memorize extra formulations.

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