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July 12, 2006


Hi Ruchira, Your post endeavors to put terrorism in the sub-continent in perspective. I have my own strong feelings (or should I say thoughts!) on this issue, some of which are on my blog .True, terrorism in this part of the world has its origins in American "Asia Strategy". However, the geo-political equations in the subcontinent and indeed the world, have undergone major changes since then. In the present context, India has the global standing and the wherewithal to take a tough stand against terror, if not retaliate. Though one can pick holes in the US battering Iraq and holding Saddam hostage, should India not show similar assertiveness if not aggression and send out a strong signal to terror groups? Do let me know what you think.

That is all I am able to do - to put some of this in perspective and point fingers. Honestly, I have no answers.

I do see the need for better intelligence in India and the rest of the world for preventing as many such events as possible and punishing those who are caught. Beyond that I know little else.

My instinct is against pre-emptive wars, collective punishment and overwhelming force. After all, if those tactics worked, then Iraq would have been a success and Israel would have had peace with its neighbors by now! On the whole, India's restraint and efforts at diplomatic negotiations appear a better choice. But even there, if the negotiating partner is one as unreliable and lacking good faith as Pakistan, how much good can come out of that? But at least, India is not guilty of killing thousands of innocent people like the US and Israel are.

I don't think that much progress can be expected in the foreseeable future. Perhaps the citizens of the terrorist nations will have to put their feet down on this matter. After all, their lives too are at jeopardy.

My latest post,"Think out of the Biblical Box" is written half in jest. But can you think of any other solution?

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