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July 17, 2006




Oh Jesus.

Q: Where is Zidane around now? A few well-placed headbutts to the Singh administration may be what is in order.

You are right! The Indian govt. deserves a few well placed head butts to various parts of its anatomy. And I guess they are getting them too. Free speech advocates and bloggers in India are up in arms.

It appears that the average Indian may be more tech savvy than the government. I am not sure what the whole story is. I have so far heard from three different people (two of them guest bloggers currently in India). Each named a different target (India has lots of problems with politically unhappy people) that the govt. may be trying to prevent from using blogs as their forum for agit prop. But whatever the muddled story is, it is definitely a security issue.

I get quite a few readers from India. In the last 48 hours, there have been none. Some like my sister, who read my blog regularly, are quite irritated.

Unlike the Israeli government which just bombs the hell out of suspected enemies, the Indian government shuts down bloggers. I can't say which is a more effective mode of fighting terrorism - neither seems to be working!

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