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August 22, 2006


I am glad you blogged about this restaurant. Gives me an opportunity to express my revulsion about it. It's bad enough that the restaurant owner fliply suggests that it is no more than a marketing ploy. But, it is worse that people are patronizing the restaurant just to check it out.

As a Hindu I feel chilled to the bone. I cannot even imagine how minorities in Kharghar and elsewhere must feel. What a low point for the concept of India as a progressive inclusive society.

I cannot help thinking that the incuriosity and lack of historical perspective is exactly what you get when you have an educational system with a single-minded focus on grades/marks - and on math/science to the near-exclusion of everything else.

So, it is an ironic juxtaposition that the second part of your blog entry talks about attempts to export tutoring services from India.

I don't think America or the world can afford that model of education. To make Americans more incurious would be disastrous for America and for the world.

Sanity prevails, or should I say that since the restaurant owner has gotten the publicity he wanted, he is relieved to backtrack from his faux pas!

There was also a comment from one of the celebrity promotors of the restaurant. He said something to the effect of: “I am not really agitated as I have not read much about the man (Hitler). However, from what I know about Hitler, I find this name rather amusing.”

Maybe he didn't know a LOT about him but he must have heard of the Holocaust! Which means that nothing about the name is amusing!

What absolute ignorance.

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