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August 04, 2006


I can't decide which of the two I like better! I especially liked the tree and the sense of vastness of the field that the two women are crossing. I wish I had your facility with the human form- I still struggle with that.
It's amazing how you turned the second picture from 'dark and muddy' to 'dark and moody' just as you had originally intended.

P.S. Some days back,I found this link to a gallery of contemporary Indian art that was quite worth a look. Lots of modern/abstract depictions of traditional subjects too.

I have it on good authority that there are no intellectual property violations triggered by using these paintings as desktop wallpaper images. I myself am using "Mist," and I'm very happy with it. It's a beautiful painting, Ruchira.

Nice paintings. I particularly like the one of the women in the field, which well captures the common aesthetics-- clear, harsh lines and muted variations of gold-- of hot summers (a la The Stranger) and barren winters (a la Nebraska...or, shudder at the memory, Minnesota).

It is interesting that Anna picked up on the common aesthetics of the two paintings. Other than the fact that both happen to be inspired by magazine photos, I put them up together for the similarity in their color schemes. I used almost identical colors in the two paintings. For the most part, they are gold, amber, midnight blue / black and alizarine crimson. But because of the difference in the colors of the skies and the light on the horizon, one picture is cold and the other summer hot.

Fantastic paintings. Your use of colors and brush strokes is truly tremendous. I think I like the one with man and child walking with umbrella. Something about it gives me a peaceful a first rain in springtime or a heart-felt talk with someone close.

Painitngs are toog good. All artists with such great abilities are reqiored to come and participate for Freedom Of expression.

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