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August 18, 2006


This is more evidence that points towards the fact that the war on terror needs to be a law enforcement operation more than it needs to be a military operation. After all, look at the British terror plot (although now it is being questioned whether there even was a plot in the first place). It was foiled by law enforcement and not waging war on Britain. Ultimately, no matter who the US attacks, Iran, Iraq, Syria, there will always be people in countries other than those where terror attacks will be planned and it will be incumbent on the US not to thwart the planning but the execution. Contrary to what right-wingers think, hatred of the US will persist, no matter how many democracies they set up in the middle-east and it is high time they stopped nursing their fantasy of the US being the apple of everybody's eye. Instead, it is time they concentrate on catching the haters before they can do any harm. That needs to be the strategy in the war on terror as I see it.

Congratulations on being picked up by Salon!

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