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August 16, 2006


What's with this? Have you seen the product in use? I'm sure you haven't.

Sounds like you have some problem with a cool and effective educational product just because the guy behind it has the last name of Bush, and a Bush obviously must be part of some evil wrongdoing.

How many people remember "SchoolHouse Rock"? A lot, I'm sure. That program put animation, video, and cleaver songs together and was extremely successful in educating a generation.

Neil's product does something similar, but yet it is of questionable educational value? Anyone who doesn't see the proven effectiveness of the approach shouldn't be commenting on educational methods, let alone "politics".

I doubt that you are qualified to judge my qualifications to write political commentary. I am not judging yours.

Nowhere in my post have I disputed the efficacy of animation, music or movies as educational tools. These are proven methods of educating the young. However, I HAVE checked out some of the Ignite! animation tools. I found them less than satisfactory. They are fast, furious (and sometimes quite silly) and use some very big words and concepts without reinforcements. Not the most advisable way to address 3rd graders with learning disabilities, the target audience here. Please read the Houston Chronicle report for more detail as to why Ignite! software has not gained the endorsement of educators.

The main thrust of my post however, was not the quality of Ignite! educational tools. But rather the devious manner in which they have landed in Houston classrooms. Go back and read again. I presume you are a Bush supporter and therefore probably a conservative Republican. Isn't it your philosophy that fair competition, market forces and self help are the answers to all societal ills? In that case, why didn't Neil Bush's products make it into US class rooms in competitive bids with others? Why is his company failing financially? Why did his mother have to give a dubious "gift" in the name of children displaced by Katrina to introduce his software in the HISD system for which now the district must shell out more dollars? You see nothing wrong with this? But I guess you see nothing wrong with Bush's other brother wasting taxpayer's money in pursuing failed policies at home and abroad either. I on the other hand, see blatant abuse of power and privilege.

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