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August 18, 2006


Hi - you got a great archive here. It would probably take me days to go through all posts. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Please come often.


I'm a bit puzzled.I don't think I've ever read your blog. Did you mean to direct your comments to Anna, by any chance?

It was directed at me. I left a comment at Prasad's blog.

I think, he just chose the topmost post to leave his comment - like I did at his. Perhaps he didn't notice that the author is "Sujatha" not "Ruchira." Even though we now include guest bloggers' names in parenthesis. :-) Oh well, as long as Prasad likes our blog.

:) Ok, that was funny. I actually looked around to see if this blog has more than one contributers. Actually, I thought Ruchira was referring to Sujatha's post from somewhere - I didnt have time then to look around, so just posted something on spur. Now, that this has been clarified (like butter, howwzat), I ll take notice of the differences. :)

Accidental Blogger started as a solo blog with just me as its author.

Along the way, a few guest bloggers have come on board. (see the "ABOUT" page).

Since the overwhelming majority of the articles are still posted by me and readers often don't notice when another author has a post up, we decided to include the names of authors other than "Ruchira" in parenthesis in the title. But that isn't working very well either, judging from your confusion. But as you said, it is "clarified" - at least with you!

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