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August 15, 2006


I don't think that the Indian government is under any illusions that the US will lean on Pakistan to dissuade it from its double game. While continuing cautiously with bilateral talks to increase bonhomie, realpolitik demands that India would be aware of just how far Musharraf would be willing to go, given the tightrope he walks between placating the fundamentalist products of the madrassas and catering to needs of the US govt. in providing them suitable 'bakras'. I would however question how far Sonia's foreign connections and 'guidance' of Manmohan Singh's government's policies is tempering the response to acts of terror like the Mumbai train blasts . For that matter, I'm not sure how zealously Indian interests have been guarded in bilateral nuclear cooperation agreement signed recently between the US and India.
When you say "Until then, India, like the US and Israel, must live in fear and look over its shoulder at every street corner, train station and airport", I beg to differ. The centuries of fatalism have taught Indians one thing - life goes on, irrespective of what horrors happen. The Mumbaikars have taken it in stride and continue gamely with their lives, without the same level of paranoia that was engendered in the US and UK over the 'liquid bomb' plots.

I hope you are right - about the lack of paranoia in India. From my early life experiences there, I tend to agree with you. I would hate to see India (fatalistic or not) adopt the kind of knee jerk angry, fortress mentality that seems increasingly the plight of Americans and Israelis.

"I'll take the same train and sit in the same compartment. What is there to fear?". More accounts from the Mumbai train blast survivors linked to at the bottom of this account on

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